Launch RiskNavigator: end-to-end solution

November 03, 2020 General

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RiskNavigator powered by PSD2 (RiskQuest & Invers)

What is RiskNavigator?

  • RiskNavigator is a risk management solution that enables credit issuers to efficiently and effectively assess loan applicants
  • It provides credit issuers with a complete credit risk management dashboard based on real-time banking transactional data powered by PSD2
  • It is an integrated end-to-end solution that can be adopted instantly

What can RiskNavigator do for you?

We bring credit issuers and customers together. RiskNavigator delivers an integrated and customized credit risk management dashboard (e.g. customer credit-profile) by using enriched banking transactional data powered by PSD2 (supplied by Invers, a FinTech enabler with a PSD2 license). The tool operates in the following four key steps:

  1. Retrieve all banking transactional data once customers grant RiskNavigator access to their personal and / or company-specific financial transaction history
  2. Enrich banking transactions with predefined classifications and categories
  3. Profile customer credit status (e.g. key metrics, lending capacity and early warning signals)
  4. Prepare extensive financial analysis in a user-friendly risk management dashboard that is ready-to-use

Why should you use RiskNavigator ?

RiskNavigator is developed by RiskQuest, a consultancy firm that specializes in risk management solutions in the financial services industry and has extensive knowledge in the credit risk domain.

  • RiskNavigator is a cloud based ready-to-use solution that can be adopted instantly
  • RiskNavigator helps credit issuers not only to speed up credit approval processes but also to gain deeper and more meaningful insights into the customer’s credit status in a user-friendly and intuitive risk management dashboard
  • RiskNavigator's dashboard provides detailed credit insights such as repayment capacity, lending capacity, debt-servicing capacity, early warning signals and in due course the credit risk score. These credit insights are all based on customer’s banking transactional data
  • RiskNavigator's dashboard will enhance and complement the existing traditional risk assessment based on annual report and its respective financial ratios
  • RiskNavigator provides ongoing and real-time risk monitoring functionality via early warning signals. It enables the credit issuers to monitor and update their credit assessments in real time for current loans

Who are RiskQuest and Invers?

RiskQuest (developer of RiskNavigator)

RiskQuest is a consultancy firm in the Netherlands that specializes risk management solutions in the financial service industry. RiskQuest has over 15 years of extensive knowledge in credit risk models and credit assessments that help the financial institutions to develop its risk strategy, define suitable risk appetite and its respective credit solutions. Risk models and machine learning algorithms developed by RiskQuest have helped financial institutions gain a deeper and more meaningful understanding of their key risk factors that are embedded in the business portfolios. This provides the financial institutions with guidance for decision making.

Invers (provider of the enriched PSD2 transaction data)

Invers has 25 years of experience in customer insights in the field of financial situation of the individual consumers and SMEs. Invers is specialized in customer insights by analyzing cash flows patterns of individual consumers and SMEs through three core areas: 1) retrieving bank transactions, 2) enriching banking transactions with predefined categories, 3) creating descriptive financial analyses of individual consumers and SMEs. These analyses are used by banks, lenders, financial service providers, e-commerce and software suppliers. They integrate Invers’s web services via API's with their own services for its respective daily operations, client servicing and financial institutions’ financial analysis.

RiskNavigator contact details

Hans Heintz
RiskQuest B.V.
Herengracht 495
1017 BT Amsterdam
[email protected]
Office number: +31 20 693 29 48
Mobile number: +31 6 81 50 90 88