Data Science

Applying advanced data science techniques to analyse and model data

Financial Crime Analytics

Financial crime is an ever-changing and illusive enemy. There is a lot known about money laundering and other types of financial fraud, but also a lot unknown. RiskQuest has experience in developing models to tackle both the known and unknown aspects of financial crime.

Data Analytics

To create value from data requires the use of mathematical models. RiskQuest has substantial experience in developing and validating all kinds of models, ranging from simple spreadsheet calculations to deep learning algorithms.


Unsupervised models for Anti-Money Laundering

Development of unsupervised models to detect money laundering


Applying clustering techniques to global retailor

Applying unsupervised clustering techniques to rationalise products across the globe


Development of a Healthcare Fraud Detection at a bank

Development of a supervised machine learning model to identify healthcare fraud´╗┐

Hans Heintz