RiskQuest Navigator

Use your client's transaction data to obtain valuable credit insights

RiskQuest Navigator

What is the RiskQuest Navigator all about?

  • The RiskQuest Navigator, using real time data access available under PSD2, empowers you to understand the real time financial situation of your customer;
  • No need to rely on outdated financial records anymore;
  • Based on the 15 year track record of RiskQuest in credit risk modelling;
  • Analytics Library built and continuously being expanded, extracting all relevant information from bank transaction data.
  • Use the results in your preferred way: intuitive dashboard, PDF or integrate the outcomes directly, through API, into your own workflow for automated processing and decision making.
  • Tailor made to fit your product and service.

Why RiskQuest:

RiskQuest Navigator starts where others end

Other players in the industry focus on PSD2 disclosure or data gathering. For us this is merely the start. We commence with this data as our raw material to describe, diagnose and ultimately predict the financial situation of your customer. We leverage our deep expertise delivered by over 40 exclusively quantitatively educated colleagues (econometrics, mathematics, physics) to extract as much information as we can from the data. We continuously search for additional data sources and you benefit from our ever expanding set of analytics in our Analytics Library.

Corporate credit

Income verification

In the corporate credit edition you will be able to assess the development of turnover and the quality thereof including customer concentration analysis

Loan detection

Other loans taken out by the customer can be detected and payment behavior on these loans will be extracted from the bank transaction data.

Credit Scoring

In the corporate credit edition all information will be used to provide you with a proprietary credit score to help you quickly assess who you want to extend credit to. This credit score has a dynamic character and is adjusted when updated transaction data merits a change of the credit score up- or downwards.

Consumer credit

Income verification

In the consumer credit edition you will gain insight in amongst other the income position of your customer including volatility and frequency of income.

Life events detection

Life events such as unemployment, divorce or birth can be detected as valuable indicators during the monitoring phase of the credit.

Income and means test

Rather than requesting documents such as salary slip or proof of housing costs, the RiskQuest Navigator can extract these from the bank transaction data and perform a full income and means test in according with the latest VFN code of conduct.

Hans Heintz