Vincent Schothuis


Within RiskQuest, I have experience in credit risk and in market risk. In an assignment, I always try to put the results of our model in the right perspective. Having a model that is statistically correct is very important, but it should also make sense from a business perspective. It is very nice to notice that within RiskQuest we challenge each other to get the most out of yourself. I really like that within RiskQuest we have colleagues that are intrinsically motivated to solve the puzzles in front of them.

Besides working on assignments for clients, I am also active in the marketing team of RiskQuest. We are responsible for e.g. the website, blogs, articles, LinkedIn posts and videos. I consider it a big advantage that within RiskQuest you are also able develop those qualities.


In my spare time I really like to do sports. I play soccer twice a week in a team in Utrecht and I go running once a week. Also playing a game of table tennis or padel with my RiskQuest colleagues is something that I really enjoy. Furthermore I really like travelling. South America and the south of Europe are some of my favorite destinations.