Rick Stuhmer


Over the years at RiskQuest, I acquired thorough understanding of credit risk and the challenges it brings. I am always looking to build long-lasting social relationships both within RiskQuest as well as at the client. Working in a group of like-minded, smart, and motivated people gives me energy to deliver good quality work in time. Additionally, I like to challenge myself doing the things I am not naturally very good at and thereby develop myself in a natural manner. Personal development and social relationships are key aspects that define RiskQuest.


In my spare time I am a very fanatic field hockey player. I have practice three evenings a week as well as a match on Sunday’s. Obviously, this consumes a large majority of my time, but is also very rewarding in terms of social relations as well as my mental health. Whatever time I have left I like to have drinks and dinner with friends and/or colleagues.